Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Part of the time we spend at the University of Regina is working in the Interactive Media and Performance Labs where students have been learning how to use the MPC2500 and MPC 1000 to make beats. Below are some that the students have made so far:

Little Mic

Monday, October 27, 2008

Farley's Hip Hop Chellenge

Hey guys, props on all the hard work you've been doing so far on the Hip Hop project. I'm seriously lookin' forward to hearing your beats, and checking out the breakers, graffiti and rhymes. Here's the deal - I've got a few challenges I'm putting forth as part of your presentations for next week. You will have to submit your assignments to Mr. Beingessner by Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. Here Goes!

Breakers: 1)What are the the three elements of Bboy dancing?
2)Name a minimum of two movies about break dancing.

Graffiti: 1) What city is credited with the first incidence of graffiti?
2) What public property was used as the principle canvas for taggers in New York City

Beatmaking: 1) What borough in New York City is credited with the birth of Hip Hop?
2) What famous beatmaker redefined himself as a composer after producing a
number one selling CD for Justin Timberlake, and what is his real name?

MC: 1) Who is credited as being the very first rapper
2) Who is Canada's first platinum selling rapper and what is his real name?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Word of Mouth Hip Hop Clothing Store

Here is where we are visiting on Wednesday. See the comment section for student thoughts about the tour of the store!