Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Final Show!

The final shows have come and gone with great success. Check out what a local blogger had to say about the show, and project-based learning:

"There was a high school that was working on project-based learning. Based on the high number of low socio-economic, absentee students who have to deal with what most of the high school kids in this city can't even dream of, the teachers integrated learning with the making and appreciation of hip-hop. I think this is possibly one of the coolest things to happen in this province's education history and project-based learning should be expanded to every school (of course, there would be a lot of uproar from uptight, primarily well-off parents who would decry the loss of their kids' high-pressure tests and essays, but that's another story altogether).

I've been teaching at one school for some time now. It's been kind of on-and-off, but more on than off recently. The grade 9 art class that I've been teaching went to go see the final performance by the hip-hop crew. Now, I went to see the performance the night before, and I thought it was pretty amazing. People have no idea how difficult DJing is. These kids had made some seriously awesome beats and, with few exceptions, some really catchy old-school hip-hop songs."

Thanks to A Sub Captain on the Good Ship High School for the shout out!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HHP in the Leader Post

Check out the story in today's paper!