Friday, February 19, 2010

Music + Literary Terminology

Over the first two weeks, students have been introduced to a variety of terms that can be used to describe the music, as well as the lyrics that make up Hip Hop. Their assignment was to write two paragraphs describing a song of their choice, and incorporate some of the new terms they have learned. Their assignments are posted in the comments area of this post!


keena said...

My song I choose to write about is Tik-Tok by Kesha. The tempo of the song is at a medium high about 94 BPM un till the chorus comes then it gets faster. The dynamics are loud and heavy enough to confuse you with the bass. In the song, the beat is catchy and techno, rnb, hip hop sort of mix. It is also the number 1 in Canada for the last 5 weeks.

Kesha’s lyrics are easy to remember and very catchy. In the song the first verse has a assonance. (Im talking pedicure on our toes, toes ,trying in all our clothes, clothes. Boys blowing up our phones, phones.)It also has the end ryme in her song a lot. (everybody getting crunk, crunk. Boys trying to touch my junk, junk. Gotta slap him if he’s getting to drunk, drunk.) She also has half rhymes in there.(Drop topping playing our favorite CD;s pulling up to the parties trying to get a little bit tipsi.)I really cant find a Multisyallabic rhyme in her song.

Brendan said...

In the song "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica, there are a lot of emphasis on notes. Most of the emphasis notes are on the guitar chords, and also on the drums in the middle of the song. The pitch of the vocalist's voice is in the high range during most of the song. The tempo of the song changes in the middle of the song, as it starts out at a really fast pace, it goes into a fairly slow rhythm. This song plays in a 4/4 time measure, even though it is played really fast.

On the verses, there is internal rhymes, "End of passion play, Crumbling Away." There is also a lot of end rhymes,"Hell is worth all that, Natural habbitat, Just a rhyme without a reason, Neverending maze, Drift on numbered days, Now your life is out of season." The chorus is played three times throughout the song."Come crawling faster, Obey your master, Your life burns faster, Obey your Master, Master." "Master of puppets im pulling your strings, Twisting your mind smashing your dreams, Blinded by me you can't see a thing, Just call my name and i'll hear you scream, Master, Master , Just call my name and i'll hear you scream, Master, Master."

Ashley said...

The dynamics of Tupac Shakurs song "Keep Ya' Head Up" is medium height, both lyrics and beat . The backbeat is noticeable. His lyrics
have very good emphasis, he speaks the words that are the meaning to the song louder and clearer. The beat is sampled from Zapp and Rogers "Be Alright"and the chorus is sampled from The Five Stairsteps "Ooh Child."

The theme to "Keep Ya' Head Up" by Tupac Shakur is for motivation and inspiration for women, for them to "Keep their heads up," referring to stay strong, proud, and never let up.
"When you come around the block brotha's clown a lot but please don't cry, dry your eye, never let up," is an example of a assonance. Assonance is repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyming.
"Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, I say the darker the flesh, then the
deeper the roots," is a half rhyme. A half rhyme sometimes called slant, sprung, near rhyme,
oblique rhyme, off rhyme or imperfect rhyme is consonance on the final consonants of the
words involved.