Friday, February 6, 2009

Rhyme Schemes

On Wednesday, Mr. Riley, an intern from the university, taught the class about different rhyme schemes employed in Hip Hop music. He outlined five types of rhyme:

End Rhyme - when the last words in lines rhyme
Ex) "I sit on my bed and weep
While I still have eyes to see
When thing is true, you I will never keep
A heart to weep for thee"

Assonance - repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyme
Ex) "Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know that we riddled two middle men who didn't do diddly" - Big Pun

Half Rhyme - rhymes that aren't perfect - sometimes called crap rhyme, near rhyme, off rhyme, or imperfect rhyme.
Ex) Ill/shell or dropped/wept

Internal Rhyme - rhyme that occurs within a single line of verse - sometimes called middle rhyme.
Ex) While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping.

Multisyallabic Rhyme - rhyme with two or more syllables
Ex) "Praying for sleep, dreaming with a watering mouth, wishing for a better life for my daughter and spouse, in this slaughtering house, caught up in bouts with the root of all evil. I've seen beautiful people cruel and deceitful." - Eminem


Anonymous said...

“When on the run it is funny to lunch on junk food offered by Bugs Bunny.”
- John Fehr

Half Rhyme:
“My camou' colors dog they be beige and brown
This stuff was all love 'til you cowards came around.”
-Tha Trademarc

Internal Rhyme:
“My mic will be the dame, written or off the brain
I show up with my chest pumping hard like Notre Dame
I lose then I regain, hustle is in the vein
I'm drinking protein shakes to muscle up the brain”
-Freddy Foxx (Bumpy Knuckles)

Multisyllabic Rhyme:
“Kicked the door hinge loose and ripped out the four inch screws grabbed some sharp objects, brooms, and foreign tools 'this is for every time you took my orange juice, or stole my seat in the lunchroom and drank my chocolate milk. Every time you tipped my tray and it dropped and spilt.”
-Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

End Rhyme:
“Do y'all know what time it is when everybody's game
is everybody else's hustle and everybody's shame”
-Freddy Foxx (Bumpy Knuckles)


mike polsom said...

End Rhyme
Made me a leader before I was ready to lead
Took away my hunger, but didn't give me greed
Made me successful, when I just wanted to be heard
Give me the light, cause all I need is the word.
-DMX- right or wrong

End Rhyme:
See God is great, and that's why I'm still livin'
He gave to me, so I'm a keep on givin'.
-DMX- right or wrong

Internal Rhyme
Show me how to teach the mind, show me how to reach the blind
-DMX- lord give me a sign

Multisyllabic Rhyme
I'm gonna make it wrong or right
Make it through the darkest night
-DMX- Lord Give Me A Sign

Half Rhyme
Cause I'm gonna go through
What ever you want me to
-DMX- Lord Give Me A sign

Half Rhyme
I want to tear a big hole in what is to be,
To end all this infatuation with unity,
I'm seeking my salvation alone again,
I never needed to be one of you anyway
-Disturbed- Divide

The scurrying furred small friars squeal in the dowse
- Dylan Thomas


Jordan said...

End Rhyme
He's getting bye
It's time to bury another brotha nobody cry -
- Tupac

Half rhyme
As I bail through the empty halls breath stinkin in my jaws.
- Tupac

End Rhyme
Quiet y’all
Incoming call.
– Tupac

Internal rhyme
Put in work and shed tears for my dead peers
- Tupac

And you know you were their armour
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm 'her
– Eminem

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I Cannot finish this blog sorry


jalen levy said...

Took this passage shit masters it like slaves and triangular passages

More shit come outta me than asses ain't that bout a.....

...... Girl rot wiler